Brunch in Barcelona

Barcelona is not famous for great brunches but I cannot think about living without eggs Benedict (Damned UK, you turned me! 🙂 )

So we tried what was recommend to us: the Picnic. It’s nice little restaurant on the Calle Comercio next to the Arc De Triumph. One Advice: book a table! This place is well known and very crowded. They have perfect eggs Benedict and an absolutely delicious bloody Mary. The brunch menu is enjoyable. The concept is quite spanish, they propose mixed plates (one plate with several dishes) but they kept the english style with the egg Benedict, they propose a Mexican plate and more.

2012-05-06 13.21.33

Picture by Sophie Maulevrier

= just to show you the size of the bloody Mary! It doesn’t give you the taste but I assure you that’s delicious!!

However, we went for diner once and the quality of the menu is not as good as the brunch and it’s quite pricy for big tapas. So lets remember this place as a good brunch restaurant!


Picture from the Picnic website

Last weekend we tried the brunch and cake, same brand as the nice “Cup and Cake” on the Carrer Enric Granados. They are both on the same street except that one is on top (Cup and cake=next to the Diagonal) and the other is at the bottom (Brunch and Cake=next to Universitat). Funny thing or not…   (when you went up and you had to go down… Anyway).

In this restaurant, you are not allowed to book a table. You have to wait… (I never understood this concept but maybe because I am French) So, come before 12 to be able to find a table and forget to come with more than 2 friends (they only have on table for 6 people)

I was surprise by the huge menu: Salads, sweet plates, brunch plates… We choose to have the salmon bagel and the egg benedict (classic, I know but it gives us a way to compare places!). The bagel was homemade and was quite good. The eggs benedict did taste really….funny. They serve them with sweet waffle!! And the benedict sauce tasted like beurre blanc… Strange.

So the experience was ok but not really what I was expecting form the place. I’d rather recommend to go to the “Cup and Cake” place to have a cake, an ice-cream or a cookie!

Brunch and cake

Picture from the brunch and cake webpage

Adress: Carre comerc 1, 08003 Barcelona
Phone: 935 11 66 61

Brunch and cake:
Adress: Carrer Enric Granados, 19, 08007 Barcelona

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3 thoughts on “Brunch in Barcelona

  1. Hmmm… that bloody mary looks quite appealing… I think you’re gonna have to show me how it tastes if I ever manage to come haha 🙂

  2. Ooh, eggs Benedict and Bloody Marys…I might have to pay a visit to that spot!

    Cup and Cake I have been to, and they have really tasty sandwiches.

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