My favourite blogs

Here is the list of the blogs and website, I enjoy the most everyweek.

Travel blogs and websites

Libertrip:  Webpage in english where you can create the trips of your dream. Thanks to the timeline you can design and organize the phases of your journey. You can ask advices from other users and post your pictures. It’s a young webpage and I am sure that very soon we will see a lot of new features.

Zenwego: French website where you can plan trips with your friends. Lets build, argue about the destination, book and create a trip together! That’s the idea. Love it! Use it with my friends and it’s really easy when they are leaving 1000km away! (But it’s in french…:( sorry)

Honestly WTF: I discovered the blog when I was looking for new crazy hotel concepts and now I love all the sections of this trendy blog especially the DIY section.

Cooking Blogs

BakedBree: I love the simple design, the vibrant pictures and the yummy ideas of this page. I already try a couple of lovely recipes (the cinnamon bun pancakes for instance). Measurement are good and flavour delicious.

Christophe Felder: One of the best patissier in France. You will find some classics on his blog and enjoy all the news. I personally tried the madeleines and they are gorgeous and delicious. Christophe Felder also has a nice Facebook page displaying his yummy desserts and books!

Another Christophe… This time: Christophe Michalak. One of the trendiest French patissier of the moment his as cute as his dessert and he knows how to play with it! The page is not displaying lots of recipes but there is a nice dessert picture gallery. I advice his books and especially “Les desserts qui me font craquer”. The book offers you classic recipes with a modern twist in the presentation. A must have to learn French patisserie.

Rhubarb tart

Picture by Sophie Maulevrier

More to come….


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