Pornic and its strawberry icecream in summer…What a memory!

15-La_FraiseraieThis may be my “Madeleine de Proust”*, but this ice-cream is certainly the best strawberry ice-cream I have ever eaten. Made from Pornic’s Strawberries, they have a wonderful taste and scent that send you to heaven! (well, yes, it must be my “Madeleine de Proust” after all).

What makes me come bake again and again to Pornic? It could be the ice-cream! But it’s also the charming village on the coast with its lovely harbour and castle. The small shops, vintage boutiques and art gallery are definitively a plus.

The only thing missing in my memory is a good restaurant (I mean a good price/quality restaurant) but I am pretty sure someone could point me one!


Picture by Michel Maulevrier

Pornic is very nice place to go for a sunny sunday although you would meet half of Nantes as it is so closed from the city but if you are coming in march or april, it is very nice to walk on the wood sidewalk on the beach and get a delicious ice-cream 🙂

In summer you have great beaches very close from the village, I remember great afternoons with my mother on the beach there.

La Fraiseraie has a second shop in Nantes city centre next to the Passage Pommeraie and the Fnac. Here is their website:

* Madeleine de Proust: From Proust’s In Search of Lost Time, the narrator eats a Madeleine cookie and recalls a childhood memory in which he ate the cookies; now signifies a simple action that causes one to recall an important event in yourlife.


Picture by Michel Maulevrier


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