Wine tourism what is missing France to make it work overseas….

How on earth a destination like France was nominated for none of its region as preferred wine destination by tourists in 2013? (Source: Wine Enthusiast Magazine)

Time to realize that France is not what it was used to be! Wine tourism is only one of many branches of tourism that needs investment, rethinking and a serious update. Yes, France is the mother of great wines such as the Bordeaux but hey, wine is not everything!

Where is the sparkle that will attract our always unsatisfied clients? That’s what I am asking my compatriots! Don’t let wine regions loose their charm when they have everything: culture, heritage, nature, gastronomy and wine! This is the perfect product mix.

If you look at what other wine regions in the world are offering and you would understand: The Chilean Valle of Colchagua is a perfect exemple. See for yourself:

Wine tourism as other tourism products needs regular upgrade, constant marketing, investment and monitoring. It is a lot of work but like any industry, you cannot plan a sustainable economy on the same product during decades. So, why not revise our benchmarks and try to keep France the first tourism destination (in terms of arrivals)?

The 10 best destinations this year according to the Wine Enthusiast Magazine are:
– The Rioja Region, in Spain
– The Danube, in Austria
– North and South Forks of Long Island, in New York US
– The Stellenbosch Region, in South Africa
– Monterey County, in California US
– The Vale Dos Vinhedos, in Brazil
– The Willamette Valley, in Oregon US
– The Hunter Valley, in New South Wales, Australia
– The Douro Valley, in Portugal
– Plugia, in Italy

So maybe we could learn some new ideas from them and try to update our offer?


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