La Mare aux oiseaux

La Mare aux oiseaux hotel & restaurant, Saint Joachim, France

A delight for the mind and the eyes…
The chef Eric Guerin proposes dishes like you never experienced before.
I am not very fond of the typical french blanquette de veau but I could eat his reconstructed version every day of the year. This surf and turf was superb along with all other dishes from our menu.
This master of haute french gastronomy mixes technics from Asia (particularly Japan) and products of a wonderful region (ok i am not entirely objective here….It has been my region for over 18 years).
Most of the dishes propose a subtle mix of ocean, earth and Asia which is absolutely brillant. I bet that you will learn something from this experience.

Update 29/12/12
I went back for Christmas with my family….. And ooh my world what a disappointment…. Ok, the restaurant was full and it is complicated… But still, I was not expected such a result…. My starter was a mess. A child would have done better in terms of presentation. Where was the quality control?? Not there today.
I am happy to see that you are successful M. Guerin and I am delighted to know that you have new properties but it does not mean that you should neglect your own restaurant!
I hope it was just a one time mistake!!!

Look at the seasonal menus to discover the brillant ideas of this man:


Plat 1


Picture from La Mare aux oiseaux website

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  1. That looks amazing..:!

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