Technologies embedded in cities and nature

Nowadays how could we live without internet and for a new generation, without smart phones?
We live, travel and work with them as it never has been different before.
What a challenge to find a restaurant, a hotel or anything for that matter without your phone.
Tourism is now surfing on the smartphone wave because destinations and tourism professional have come to realize the huge potential of the tech.
Fancy travel planner for New Zealand, food pictures competition for restaurant, segmented marketing on Foursquare, each company can find the fitted marketing solution for its business.
There are no boundaries to the use of the smartphone for tourism purposes.

Some interesting examples are virtual concierge for busy travellers. Hotel chains offer the clients the opportunity to find a hotel room at the very last moment or organize for them a special requests such as diner at 6.58 PM sharp in the room with its favorite vegan/fat free/peanut free/gluten free dish or any crazy idea he can have.

Another very attractive idea is the app for the Yellow Stone National Park that offer an interactive map of the different track possibilities in the park. This map is evolving according to the geoposition of the tourist and offering new path options. The map is also complemented by information and stories about the place. These stories are told by experts of the park. What a very clever and entertaining initiatives


Australia did organize a very nice online event on its tourism webpage which was offering the possibility to everyone to post a picture of an Australian place with a story. The goal was to obtain the most feedback and great stories about Australia and all touristic places that the country has to offer. The result is huge with a dynamic and interactive map field with great pictures and souvenirs.


Each tourism entity should be able with tiny bit of imagination to develop its place on the Web thank to the unlimited possibilities of the technology.

What are your experience of the online world applied to the tourism industry?

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