Are you up to do Glamping?

Glamping is new way of enjoying camping. If you like outdoor holidays but you cant conceive spend your precious days off under a classic tent (French  people will reference the « 2 second tent ») then glamping is for you.

It means literally Glamourous-Camping. This accommodation type gives you all the comfort of a 4 stars hotel (sometimes 5) and still offer the nature proximity.

Most of these new accommodations are entirely ecological and out of the norm.

Here is some fancy examples that you can already enjoy around the world

Pods hotel in the Alps

tubohotelTubohotel of Mexico

cube miror
The hotel tree in Sweden

In some next articles, I will present some of these fabulous hotels in detail

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One thought on “Are you up to do Glamping?

  1. What beautiful accommodations!

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